Tightwire Issue Spring 1990


I sit here wondering about you – Poem
Hey Listen to Me My Bull – Poem
The Berlin Wall “Comes Tumbling Down”
Marc – Poem
Words from Within: Women Prisoners Write
Tortured Women – Poem
I am dying…..Help me….. – Poem
Only for You – Poem
A Bit of Help to Get Around in Here
Can I Go Home Now! I Said I Was Sorry?
Don’t Quit – Poem
Adieu to Our Beloved Rev., Friend and Brother
E.Fry P4W Christmas Party
Sisterhood Speaks Out
Our First Times are the Ones I Remember the Most – Poem
Respect Our Living Space on the Earth
“Will I Ever Learn”
La Section Française
Rape Survivors Anthology Call for Submissions
The Road – Poem
I’m in Command and I am with AIDS – Poems
An Adventure with Art from the Inside
Wild Wild West!
Editorials and Poems


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