how do we remember?

Do you remember Kingston Penitentiary? Do you remember Prison for Women? How do we remember these now closed carceral sites?

Matthew Ferguson, Elizabeth Lay, Justin Piché, Kevin Walby, “The Cultural Work of Decommissioned Carceral Sites: Representations of Confinement and Punishment at Kingston Penitentiary,” Scapegoat Journal 7 (Nov 2014): 83-140. 

Carceral tours and penal history museum narratives, relics, spatial arrangements, and conservation practices shape our individual and collective understandings of “criminal justice” and punishment, as well as our knowledge concerning the experiences of the criminalized.

Passing through the Canadian Penitentiary Museum, witnessing its kitschy gift shop centred around punitive puns, or listening to the scripted punchlines delivered by your KP tour guide, how are you remembering these sites? How are you carrying these performative narratives with you?


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