Tightwire Winter Issue 1988


This Tightwire edition is only the beginning of a tribute to our sister-prisoner, MARLENE MOORE known to her friends as SHAGGY. She chose to end her pain and suffering on December 3, 1988 here in the hospital ward after nearly 3 months in segregation at Prison for Women. That conditions in segregation are inhumane and unjust was verified by our former Citizen’s Advisory Committee Chairman, Dr. Barry Thorne who resigned Wednesday, November 30, 1988. Dr. Thorne stated in an interview with Mary Lasovich of the Whig Standard, Friday, December 2, 1988:

“But he expressed frustration with the failure of Correctional Service administrators to take steps to improve the ‘inhumane’ conditions of the prison’s (Prison for Women’s) segregation unit-the source of repeated complaints by both the citizens committee and inmate committees.”

“The most serious example of the need for improved management is the way the segregation unit is handled,” said Thorne. “It is a disgrace.”

Shaggy had done more “seg.time” than any other woman in Canada that anyone here can remember. The traumatizing memories of a dear friend hanging herself to death, along with the pain and trauma suffered by the women caged in adjoining cells where three women attempted hanging on November 25, 1988 was the final amount of “seg.time” Shaggy could handle.

The exemplary courage and dedication to better conditions for all imprisoned creatures that Shaggy represented to all of us who knew her and loved her, will never be forgotten.

Her final days were filled with courage and love, but she was just so tired.


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