Tightwire Summer Issue 1983


Short Stories:
Hit Man, John J. Rogers
Rain Magic, Philip Conway

Don’t Be Fooled By Me, Unknown
Farewell, Me
Prison, William Hall

The Light, Kevin Gregory
Interstellar Comet, Philip Conway
My Everything, Meeks
Untitled, Diana Hartley
Kiss’s Heart, Philip Conway
My Darling, John J. Rogers
Months Later: Your Image, Tom Elton
Half City – Half Country, Gloria
Too Late, Meeks
What Is A Friend, Pat Tate
Inside, Jeff
God Don’t Leav’th Me, Philip Conway
The Black Sheep, Barbara Gregory
Hurt-n-Pain, Frankie
The Bird, I. Scarff
In Myself, R. Turningrobe
Isabella, R. Turningrobe
Untitled, R. Turningrobe

Peace, Paranoia, Politics, Direct Action 2
Inmate Hearings, Whig Standard
Women Who Kill – Book Report, Judi Gedye
Canadian Woman in Peruvian Prison, Unknown
Cockney Pride, Brad Gramlich
Family Day, Brenda Adams
Poetry Reading with Bronwen Wallace, Brenda Adams
Historical Sketch, Unknown
Abolition Conference, Quaker Committee
Native Earth, I. Scarff

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